Patna youth opens fire in Mumbai bus, shot dead


Patna, (Bihar Times): A youth from Bihar’s capital Patna was shot dead by the police inside a bus in Central Mumbai on Monday morning after he tried to ‘hijack’ a bus and then opened indiscriminate fire.

According to reports 27 year old Rahul Raj, originally from Kadam Kuan locality of Patna, fired at the police in Bail Bazaar area of Kurla and was shot in retaliatory fire.

According to the Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime), Rakesh Maria, the incident occurred around 10:10 am near Chowkie Number 3 near Bail Bazaar in Kurla, Central Mumbai, inside a double-decker bus of BEST, which was going from Andheri to Kurla.

According to the bus passengers Rahul tried to take the passengers hostage. He was sitting on the first floor of the bus. When one of the two conductors approached him and asked him to buy a ticket he started raising slogans: Jai Bihar and Jai Patna. A heated exchange ensued and the conductor asked the driver to stop the bus near the Police Chowkie.

The youth started firing from a countrymade revolver after the police reached the spot. Passengers said that he wrote some demands on a paper before he began firing. Police too opened fire and the youth suffered severe bullet injuries. He was taken to Rajawadi Hospital in Ghatkopar, where he was pronounced dead.

Manoj Bhagat, one of the bus passengers, also sustained injuries in the firing by the youth. He has been admitted to Rajawadi Hospital.

"He was shouting Main Patna se aaya hu, mujhe kisi ko kuchh nahi karna hai, main MNS president Raj Thackeray ko massage dena chahata hun' (I have come from Patna. I do not want to harm anyone. I want to pass on a message to MNS president Raj Thackeray)," BEST general manager, Uttam Khobragade said.

Rahul was reportedly in search of job in Mumbai and was very much disturbed by the anti-Bihari diatribe of Maharastra Navnirman Sena and Shiv Sena. According to media reports he even wanted to meet Raj Thackeray in this regard.

The Monday morning attack has given a new twist to the whole anti-Bihari movement. Youths of Bihar have already been on the warpath here and the attack in a Mumbai bus only gives an idea of deep frustration and anger of the youths of the state.




I see several comments approving of Rahul Raj's action. Several of the comments say it is a fake encounter and even have the audacity to compare Rahul Raj to Bhagat Singh ! Guys what is wrong is wrong whether it is done by the fanatic MNS or an out-of-his-mind person from Bihar. I bet you wouldn't cheer for Rahul Raj if you were sitting in that bus on the seat next to him. Mumbai police just tried to control a person with a gun who was firing recklessly and had already injured a fellow passenger. and if you think the police could have sweet talked him into giving up the gun, think again... that is illogical, when would you say it is ok to shoot down a person when he has injured 1 person, or 5 people or 10 people? Before you think I am a fanatic marathi, let me clarify I am a Bihari from Samastipur and oppose what MNS is doing.

- Sudhanshu Mallick
Samastipur, Bihar



This was inevitable

Whatever happened in Mumbai today was inevitable. The first reaction to any kind of suppression and humiliation is ought to be violent. This was long pending. The society held ransom by some powerful men in power is in a perpetual state of war. 60 years of independence was not enough to connect North-East of India to the main stream, J&K is burning, south – north divide is wider, we have given cause for naxalite movement, Maoists are getting foothold, repercussions of Mandal recommendations is imminent and now this divisive politics in the name of regions. This is not going to stop. It may potentially start a chain reaction that would be tough for people to control. Heat would be felt across India. Without justifying action by Rahul, I don’t find any wrong in it.  It is a kind of battle, where disarmed has decided to attack by surprise. Someone is giving reasons for violent and agessive forces to mobilise. The agitation in form of guns, intellect and organizations is bound to ensue.

 Economic subjugation and negligence of governments has resulted in present state of Bihar. People who were responsible for making this place wonderland should introspect and answer as to why natives of this great land has to move out in search of bread and butter. What gives Sheila Dixit, Raj Thackeray and all enough courage to make statements against Bihar?

Why Thackerays are not speaking againt Gujarati, Parsis, Punjabis etc? We are perceived economically and socially weakest and vulnerable. Hit us we have no place to hide, no one to protect.

Varun kumar



Whilst deploring emotion driven irresponsible act of the misguided youth from Patna, I blame Bombay Police for their undue haste and trigger happy attitude. They should have shown professionalism and disarmed the youth. And my condolence to the bereaved family. Personally speaking, I know from experience what it is to loose a son of that age.    From afar, reading various newspapers, including yours, on the net, it seems India is burning and falling apart. Insurgency in North East, Kashmir, Naxalite menace, religious persecution and bigotry, Hindu, Muslim, Christian at each other's throat, caste divide and one caste against the other, regionalism, it really is a worrying scenario. Isn't there a sane leader in today's India who can stand upand say "Enough is enough, rule of law take precedence over vote bank politics,let us save India from civil war and break up."    No one, except in extremes of frustration, behave the way Patna youth behaved.I sincerely hope he was a solitary tinder; if there is a haystack, well then God help the nation if it is lit by the fire of frustration, bigotry, persecution and exclusion in their own country.   

Dr. A. Kumar 

Norfolk, England




This is a fake encounter. Maharastra police have a lot of experience of killing the people by the name of encounter.The police force can easily caught the boy named Rahul Raj. But the Maharastra police put 6 nos of bullet on his body. But no previous criminal record traced against Rahul Raj. I think Maharastra police also involved the dirty provincialism still doing by thakery family.It is also mysterious  that no statement yet been received by Bombay flim industries.Why they are silent against the vandalism by thkery family. All Indian people should boycott the Bombay make flim in future against the opportunism by bollywood artist. And we demand a CBI enquiry for find out the truth of this fake encounter. BIR RAHUL RAJ WILL BE TREATED AS BHGAT SINGH OF BIHAR. RAHUL RAJ AMAR RAHE.

Debasis Chakraborty



Shame Shame Bihari Politicians

Linguistic discrimination is very rampant against people from Bihar and UP in Mumbai and elsewhere.
What instigation he was subjected to by Bus conductors/ fellow passengers should be looked into !!!
His retaliation can be an outcome of the same humilation.
That does not mean that I support his act as two wrongs never make  either one right.

From days of yore, we( UP/Bihar) take pride in electing Prime ministerial canditates from our state...what for and what use has it been to us ??? Can older generations of the state answer ???
Without naming prospective canditates, I am sure that that we are all set to add another to our long list of PMs shortly...Wake Up dear wake up !!! 

The situation is serious enough for Prime minister of the country to call for an all party meeting and ensure that the fundamental rights of people of Bihar/UP is restored

How can an Indian government which is worried about Tamilians in Sri Lanka , turn blind eye towards apathy of Biharis and UPites in Mumbai
We are subject to live in fear in our own country...
It is a thing of shame for so called strong politicians of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh that their people is being subjected to humilation by a person who is fighting for his own identity

Although it is difficult to contain one's feeling... I request and appeal all Bihari youth to avoid all voilent retaliations

No two questions that the condition of Bihar and Bihari youth has reached its nadir.

Shame...Shame for all Biharis who have knowingly or unknowingly contributed to this day. It is time that dynamism of our state changes for the benefit of future generations

Abhishek Kumar