Samrat Choudhary removes his turban in Ayodhya, says his vow is fulfilled

Patna July 3 (IANS) Bihar BJP President and Deputy Chief Minister Samrat Choudhary removed his turban in Ayodhya on Wednesday.

Choudhary, who arrived in Ayodhya on Tuesday evening, surrendered his turban at the feet of Lord Ram. He had worn the turban for the last 23 months. Additionally, he shaved his head and sought blessings at the Hanuman Garhi temple.

When asked if his vow had been fulfilled, Choudhary confirmed: “Absolutely, I had announced it in Patna on June 28 that I will go to Ayodhya and dedicate it at the feet of Lord Shri Ram.”

He stated that his vow was fulfilled because Nitish Kumar first separated from the INDIA bloc and then joined the NDA while remaining Chief Minister.

Samrat Choudhary had vowed to remove Nitish Kumar from the position of Chief Minister of Bihar. In 2024, Nitish Kumar separated from the India bloc and aligned with the NDA. Despite joining NDA, he remained Chief Minister.


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