Co-authored by Margie Parikh & Rajen Gupta

Published by Tata Mcgraw Hills Education Pvt Ltd, New  Delhi-110 008

Price- Rs.495

This is a comprehensive book covering 639 pages written as a Text book on ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR arising out of feed back from students doing Master in Business Administration as well as   from management trainees associated with companies for various in- house progammes who wanted a book for class room studies suited to the Indian context.
The insights in organizational behaviour from India remain scattered and difficult to access particularly for students and young management trainees.This book is a response to the reality of cultural difference at work between Indian and foreign students and is the result of long experience of teaching  Organisational  Behaviour and Management by two eminent teachers having years of experience in the field in India and abroad.

The book is divided in twenty chapters covering various ramifications of teaching and learning of organizational behaviour viz an Introduction covering organizations and organizational behaviour, National culture and its impact on Organisational behaviour, Changes in the organizational context and challenges for Organizations, Perception and attribution covering interpretation and judging, Shaping attitudes at work, Understanding motivation and motivational themes for application, Understanding personality and values, Thresholds of interpersonal Behaviour, Understanding groups and teams, exploring communication as behavioural process, Managing conflict,stress and negotiation, Understanding decision making as a process, Understanding power and organizational politics, Effectiveness of Organisation design, Creating structure to support effective behaviour, Exploring organizational Roles, Understanding Organisational culture, Understanding leaders and the basic concept in leadership, Leading for change and organizational effectiveness.  

At the end of the book there are two appendices covering practical suggestions to students with advice for additional readings and also an index at the end.
In short, this book is very useful for Management students and trainees as well as accomplished teachers and Managers of the Corporate world and industry.