Vote For Better Bihar


Casteism and Communalism are both dangerous to Bihar progress, these will lead to anarchy and Bihar will be pushed to dark age. Both these are stoutly being followed and practised by Laloo Yadav's RJD. In today's Bihar, murder and kidnappings have become a profession under the mute spectator of Rabri regime. Initially RJD faught against the dynastic rule of Nehru-Gandhi but now it is exposed to it by having all his family men and women as MLAs and MPs.

It's very unfortunate that Muslims have allowed themselves to be treated as a vote bank. By doing so, they are harming their very own community. If they allow to do for long then I am very sure that they will alienated from the rest of the Indian community.

I request the People of Great Bihar to rise above all these and defeat RJD, at least to save your child's future.

G Keshri



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