BiharBrains' call toindustrialists

Shri Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman, Bihar brains( and overseas coordinator of NRI meet to be held in Bihar was in Patna today and apart from holding the meeting of the local chapter, he addressed the pressmen at hotel Rajasthan in an exclusive interview. He informed that as an overseas coordinator he was in regular contact with various NRI groups located in different cities of the world and a good number of them are visiting Patna to attend the NRI -meeting focused on development of Bihar but looking at profiles of the sons of the soil the number of industrialists expected to participate in is still not satisfactory. Therefore it is urgent that NRI-industrialists of Bihar occupying key positions in the International Economy or manufacturing sector should be mobilized to come, share their perceptions/views and add their bit in the developmental efforts of the state of Bihar. He met the organizers at Bihar Chamber of Commerce and had a input sharing session.

The Global meet is scheduled to be held on 19-21 Jan, 2007 at S.K. Memorial Hall , Patna, the capital city of Bihar state. Meanwhile BB- Scholastic Centre, Patna has organized a week long programme with the chairman as the key-resource person.
Sri Bikramaditya conducted seminar at NIT, Patna on "Chip Design Trends and prospects in India".

He will be visiting Sitamadhi and will conduct meetings/activities with some rural schools at Janipur village.
Earlier in the day, a local chapter meeting was held attended by Prof. J. Thakur. Former V.C. Patna Univ, Dr. B.K. Sharma, HOD, Electronics, NIT, Patna, Sri Amalendu N. Sinha, Ex. Editor Hindustan Times, Sri Shakil Kakvi of Kainat International , Qatar , Sri R. Kishore(an innovator in Food Products), Prof. S.P. Singh, Principal , College of Commerce, Magadh Univ, Dr. Amarendra Narayan, Physics Deptt. ,P.U., Prof. S.P. Verma, President , Science For Society, Bihar and a few others.
The deliberations included a brief presentation of activities of Biharbrains by Mr. Bikramaditya and possible strategies for pressurizing the state and central governments for taking up establishment of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) in Bihar.
It may be noted that BiharBrains has earlier submitted a demand in the form of a proposal to the Minister, Sc. and Technology , GOB and is going to present the demand to the C.M., Deputy C.M. and Union HRD Ministry and Prime Minister of India in the coming week.





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