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Patna, (Bihar Times): With Rs 6,610 Bihar continues to occupy the lowest position in the country so far per capita income is concerned. Chandigarh, which tops the list, has the per capital income of Rs 67,910, which is more than ten times of Bihar. This is the third consecutive year that Chandigarh stood first. On an average a Chandigarhian earns almost two times more than their counterparts in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.

According to the Central Statistics Organisation report (2005-06), which was tabled in Parliament on Tuesday by the Union Minister of State for Finance, Pawan Bansal the annual income of an Indian is Rs 20,734.

Chandigarh, according to the reports, is followed by Delhi which has the per capita income of Rs 49,172. Goa with Rs 47,507 and Pondicherry with Rs 36,397 come third and fourth respectively.

Rajasthan has the rare distinction of per capital income coming down albeit slightly: from Rs 15,737 in 2003-04 to Rs 15,219 in 2005-06.

The per capita income of Haryana for 2005-06 was quoted at Rs 29,887, up from Rs 26,353 in 2003-04 while of Punjab it has gone up from Rs 26,975 to Rs 28,605. In Himachal it has increased from Rs 24,480 to Rs 27,162.