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Interested persons desirous of participating in the three month long 'e-seminar on poverty in Bihar' (sponsored by UNICEF)are requested to send their write ups which may include published or unpublished work or even field experiences with their complete address.

We will publish a directory, 'Bihar Poverty Network', that will contain names and addresses of NGOs, Researchers, social activists and journalists working on this theme.

Changing Pattern of Migration From Rural Bihar
By Anup K Karan

Biharís Poverty: A Systemic View
By Anant Sahay

Poverty In Bihar : A Crisis Of Governance
By Ajay Kumar

Growth in western India reduces poverty in Bihar
By Gerry Rodgers

Policy Economic of Poverty in Bihar
By Prof Alakh N Sharma

Poverty In Bihar : A Crisis Of Leadership
By Dilip Kumar

Poverty In Bihar : Causes And Cure
By S N Sinha

Bihar Is Yet To Reap The 'Bonus' Of Her 'Backwardness' !
By Indu B Sinha

Why Poverty Amidst Plenty In Bihar ?
By Sunanda K S

NRBs can play a vital role
By Rajesh Anand

Impact of Population on Bihar's Poverty
By Pankaj

Agricultural Development: A Tool For Poverty Alleviation
By A U Sarma

Reflections on Poverty in Bihar
By P K Jha

Growing In & Out of Poverty
By Ajay Kumar

Bihar getting poorer by the day, says report

Poverty And Adolescent Girl Health
By Anant Kumar


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